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  • Updated pages 03/01/2009.
  • Updated pages with new navigation bar 06/24/2006.
  • Updated pages for XHTML Strict/Transitional and CSS - Validated - 06/14/2005.
  • Began update for JavaScript class 03/21/2005.
  • Submitted for grading 12/17/2004.
  • Logo and title banner completed 12/16/2004.
  • Color selections and backgrounds completed 12/16/2004.
  • Initial design completed 12/03/2004.

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Currently, this revision of the Mystic Keep began as a host for my final project in the Fall 2004 CIS 137 (Intro to HTML) class at Victor Valley College. At the time it did not hold very much content other than the class exercises. I’ve since updated all of the pages to be XHTML and CSS valid (note the icons on each page). One of the original quirks of the source code displays was with IE parsing .txt files as HTML. I corrected this by changing the < and > tag delimiters to their respective character references (&lt; and &gt;), then wrapping the entire file into a new XHTML page. I’m adding the JavaScript class exercise code in a similar manner.

I plan on adding additional content as soon as I can find the archives from the old Mystic Keep. I also plan to showcase my other CIS course exercises in PHP, JavaScript and Perl. Even my wife and daughter will be adding items of interest, so be sure to check back to see what is new.

Note that the main pages here are pure CSS. No tables or frames were abused in the construction of this site. Some of the HTML exercises were made using tables and frames. I have thoughtfully provided links to display these exercises in their own browser window.