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  • My own web server hosted by SiteGround 06/24/2006.
  • Switched to Verizon server 12/03/2004.
  • Complete re-code of Mystic Keep 03/21/2000.
  • Dumped the frames 09/17/1998.
  • First frame-based Mystic Keep goes live on Web World, Inc. 04/09/1997.
  • The Mystic Keep BBS shuts down 04/09/1997.
  • The Mystic Keep BBS goes live 04/09/1990.

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About the Mystic Keep

Besides being a place for me to drop things I found interesting at the time, the Mystic Keep is an exersize in learning technology. The first version started out using Maximus BBS software on an IBM XT clone running MS-DOS 3.3, a 2400bps modem, and one phone line. Slowly things grew as I could afford them, upping the PC first to MS-DOS 5, then PC-DOS 7, and finally to OS/2; while the hardware increased from an XT to AT to 386 to 486. The modem upgraded as well, to 9600bps, then to a pair of external USR V.Everything modems. I was styling for a couple of years there! Unfortunately, the times changed and the Internet exploded on the scene - spelling the end of BBS usage as it was known. Within a few months of the change of the year to 1997, the BBS usage had dropped from over 70 callers per day to 5 or less. I could sniff the coffee, even I was spending more time on my new Internet connection than I was on the BBS. It was time for a change...

The transistion from Maximus BBS software to static HTML pages took some getting used to. Not the coding mind you, that was very similar, but the lack of interaction with the people visiting my site. Of course the Internet (Web) was changing at a rapid pace as well. Through it all, I was teaching myself the latest technologies and coding practices (not all of them good - note the use of frames in the history). In the summer of 2003 I’d hit a new low in my life and needed a change. Time to go back to school and get the paper to say what I already knew, a degree/certificates in computer science. So here we are on a Web host that I can finally put my PHP, Perl, MySQL, and other knowledge to use on. Of course there are other interests that need to be "webbified", and my family needs to have things done for them, so this looks to be a long term project. It probably won’t ever be done, but I have a hobby that I like.